We proudly serve fresh, never frozen, Naked Grass-Fed Beef. It's called Naked because nothing is ever added. There are no hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides, no preservatives, no animal by-products or artificial ingredients. Naked Grass-Fed Beef is beef just like Mother Nature intended it.

We use only All-Natural Pastured Pork that is 100% free of added hormones or antibiotics. Our pork is raised outdoors and allowed to root and roam in a natural environment free from the confines of a traditional farm. It is the purest pork you can find and essential for the modern appetite.

Our poultry is fresh, Free-Range Chicken and Cage-Free Eggs free of any added hormones or antibiotics. The chickens are allowed to roam and fed a natural diet that is drastically different than traditional farms. The results ensure the healthiest, best tasting, most nutritious, All-Natural chickens available.

Our seafood is wild sustainable seafood that is fresh off the boat. and never imported. We only use the best All-Natural seafood that is free of chemicals and preservatives.